Leagues in Sunderland & Newcastle

Pro-motiv8 has been running Futsal leagues for 7 years. Futsal is a great game in its own right, but for development in the young children its fantastic, guaranteed to improve aspects of their game as well as being fun to play and watch. Learn while you play.

Pro-motiv8 generally uses Futsal in its development plan for players between 6 and 13. Current Pro-motiv8 players Jack Diamond 20, Sunderland professional, played futsal between ages of 11 and 13 for his grassroots team before trailing and then signing for Sunderland at 13. Luke Bell 13, Sunderland Academy, played between the ages of 7 and 12, trialing at 8 and signing soon afterwards. Charlie Stoker 10, currently players grassroots, has been playing from aged 9.

There are a number of academy players who have learnt through playing in these futsal leagues from a young age.

Pro-motiv8 sees Futsal as essential to the development of a player.

  • Playing at a high tempo for long periods
  • Pass and move – one and two touch passing
  • Using 2 feet
  • Playing in triangles
  • Attacking and defending in overload and counter-attacking situations
  • Awareness
  • Shooting
  • Quick thinking
  • Aids concentration and fitness

The benefits of Futsal

There are too many players, past and present in world football that have grown up through playing futsal to ignore the fact that it can aid development in a huge way. Messi and Ronaldo to name just two. Neymar did not play competitive football until 13, he played futsal growing up till that age and it’s easy to see, flair, imagination, skill and totally comfortable on the ball. Coutinho, Ronaldinho and Maradona are others. It is part of the culture in South America, Spain and Portugal.

Pro-motiv8 does not say that Futsal is a must if you want to have any chance of making it, but does feel that if a player isn’t quite good enough technically that Futsal will aid in a much faster way than conventional football. The intensity and touch count WILL improve a player up to 3 TIMES quicker than traditional football will GUARANTEED.


Futsal League entrance rules

  1. Teams other than established grassroots teams can enter, start a new team with a new team name and be affiliated.
  2. Games are generally fortnightly unless there are catch up games (starting the league late or miss games).
  3. 5v5 so a team of 5-8 players is ideal.
  4. Teams can use ‘ringers’, players from outside the team who ARE NOT already playing in that particular league. A complete team of ‘ringers’ allowed.
  5. Costs are £10 one-off registration per season, £30 per game, 40-minute games (continuous clock) at all age groups. Please note, men’s futsal games are also 40 minutes (clock stops when the ball is out of play)
  6. Academy players: please contact us for more information on this.