Dean says

“It’s always been a dream and a goal of mine to actively help just ONE player make it into the professional game, and to me, that means playing in the top 3 levels of English football, Premiership, Championship or League 1, week in week out. The odds are stacked against these kids but it’s possible, it’s what drives me.”

Tailored Sessions

One2one coaching sessions are tailored towards THE player’s needs. Dean believes the basics are vital and being able to perform the basics when under pressure and at SPEED at a young age is important. “Whatever level of the player, they can progress to the next one, generally it’s something simple, a change of technique or just knowing WHAT to do and WHEN to do it and more importantly WHY. Mentality and a strong one is the key attribute.”

Dean is very knowledgeable at certain positions having played in the Premier League and is very keen on coaching these aspects of the game all the way up to the professional level. A strong mentality and a willingness to adapt is key.

The importance of technique

Dean also enjoys teaching and correcting techniques especially in crossing, shooting and defending. A willingness to work hard and listen is imperative, a desire to be the best and the ability to adapt to what’s being taught.

  1. Teaching, correcting and improving ALL techniques
  2. Improve the basics first.
  3. What level is the player at? What can and what can’t they do? What can improve the player in a short period of time?
  4. Dean believes wherever a player is at in their development that they can improve very quickly and to the next level. Installing belief is a key aspect.
  5. Every player is different and Dean will tailor sessions according to the player’s needs which will involve coming to watch the player on a match day.

Group Sessions

Group sessions also available in pairs or teams.

Dean delivers all of the sessions in Sunderland, Newcastle and Middlesbrough. He can also venture further afield. Please make contact for further information.